ZModeler2 Lesson#1: Basic editing.

Basic editing.

You have created a solid box primitive previousely and no we shall apply basic modifications to it. We shall move, rotate and scale it - these are the most frequently used modifications. The word modification here leads us to commands bar where Modify... should be pressed. In expanded branch press Move.
Take a look at status bar prompt: it displays a hint for Move tool: Click and drag to move. Expand options box for additional settings. We shall not bother currently about additional settings for the Move tool, and will do what is suggested: click and drag. In front view place mouse over box and it will highlight with blue color. Notice that colored arrows appeared in the center of the box. These are Local Axes (sometimes called Object's axes, Object's orientation matrix or Object's pivot). In ZModeler they are called local axes or a matrix for shortness. Ok, now press left mouse button, drag this box aside and release left mouse button. You have moved an object. You can move this box in other views: in top, side and in Perspective view too.

Now, Rotate tool will act. Press a small rectangle next to Rotate label in Commands bar. This will select Rotate tool and expand it's Options box with additional settings. Default options are selected and they are:

  • Rotate Geometry (On) - geometry will be rotated.
  • Rotate Matrix (Off) - matrix (local axes) will not be change.
  • Affect children (Off) - child objects (if any) will not be affected.
  • Rotate normals (On) - is not our case currently - this will be described later.
  • Base to Pivot (On) - will rotate around Pivot.
    There is only one thing called Pivot in ZModeler. This is a helper pivot point. It's drawn as purple half-transparent X-cross in all views. This helper pivot is used by dozen of tools in ZModeler. Move mouse cursor over and it will highlight with green color. Now you can drag it by pressing and holding left mouse button.
    Note: You do not need to select Modify\Move tool to drag pivot helper. You can highlight and drag it at any time with any tool selected currently.
    So, with Modify\Rotate tool active, highlight Pivot helper and drag it to upper-left corner of the box:

    Highhlight Box and drag mouse up a little. Box will rotate around Pivot helper which is near it's upper-right corner. Notice that local axes (red and green arrows remained on their places and even almost out of box now). Since this was just an example, I'll show you Rotate tool with different options selected. You should cancel previouse rotation by pressing Undo button in toolbar. Box will revert back.
    Now check Rotate Matrix and unckeck Base to Pivot options in "additional settings box" of Rotate tool. Rotate the box again and notice the difference - box is rotated with it's local axes and axes center is a point of rotation. You can combine options in variouse ways. For example, you can set Rotate Matrix On, and Rotate Geomtry Off. If you apply Rotate tool with these options, only Local axes will be rotated, but the box itself will stay unchanged.
    Last thing to note about Rotate tool is it's and capabilities. When key is held down, rotate tool performs more accurate (slow) rotation. If you press and click to rotate, a dialog box will appear where you can select angle of rotation in degreese (see an image on the right).