ZModeler2 Lesson#3: Wheel weels and bottom

Wheel weels

Wheel wells are modelled quite simple. First of all, select vertices on the wheel wells boundary, as it's shown on the image:

I've drawn a blue line over the vertices that should be selected. Note, that each selected vertex must be on an "open edge" (it should not be inside any polygon - only on boundary). Switch to Selected and Screen-X modes. Pick a Modify\Submesh\Extrude tool. Then extrude selected vertices in Front aproximately to a depth of wheel well:

Drag Pivot helper in front view aproximately to the depth of wheel well (where extruded vertices are located). Pick Modify\Scale tool, click and drag mouse down in Front view several times. You will notice that extruded vertices will lineup into straight vertical line over pivot helper. Like on the image below:

Deselect vertices and switch selected mode off.

In Perspective view, get rid of way too unnecessary detailed wheel well vertices by merging some neighbour pairs. Image below shows where detalisation can be reduced:

Make sure to leave bottom vertices as is (I haven't merged them with any others). In general, amount of innerside vertices can be reduced to four in each wheel well: a pair of bottom vertices and a pair of vertices made from all other. You should keep in mind that wheel well is always dark and all the time there is a wheel there - you will not see that much details inside.

The last step is to fill gap with a polygon(s) in each wheel well. I prefer to fill it with single polygon. Pick a Create\Polygon\Single, make sure to change from Triangles or Quads to Polygons inside options box of Create\Polygon tool. Now adjust Perspective view to see all innerside vertices of wheel well. Create a polygon by clicking sequentially on vertices and right-click when done:

Repeat the same with another wheel well.

Modelling bottom.

Deselect all vertices. Pick a Select\Open Edges tool and right-click on any of "open edges" vertex in the bottom. The tool will select all opened edges in the mesh:

Invert selection with Select\Invert tool and hide all selected vertices. You will come up to something like on the image below:

Since we need to model bottom of the car, hide all unnecessary vertices and leave visible vertices that belong to bottom only and move pivot helper to height of bottom (in side view) since we shall create some polygons and vertices now:

Image below shows how polygons were created. First of all, in bottom view I've painted an area that should be filled with polygons. Then polygons were laid. Notice, that you should not use "polygons" type where result surface is not flat (I have useed several adjacent triangles and only where surface is nearly-flat, polygons were used):

The result of this lesson is in Files\les3_06.z3d file.