ZModeler2 Lesson#3: Introduction to modelling

Introduction to modelling.

The third and the last lesson of zmodeler basics is an actual modelling. This will line up your knowledge of tools will bring you basic strategy in modelling.

Before writing this lesson, I've tried to pass it through and created a model of BMW 3 seris. Since I'm programmer and not a 3D modeller, I've made just simple mesh, without that much details, precision and accuracy. This only means that the lesson will envolve quick basic modelling: not a precise tuning and laying of polygons. In any case, accuracy and eye-candy modelling is what you'll come to with practice only.

I just recollected how certain tools work, how to create mesh more quickly and so on. This car was made before I've started the lesson, so I assume we shall come to something similar, but not exactly to the mesh shown. The mesh we shall create will be simpler, without colors, transparency and such. Some shading was also performed on the car on the right - we shall omit this too. This mesh was created in one or two hours, but don't expect to create your own that quickly.